All original mosaic art work that covers the TILE HOUSE was completed by
ceramic artist Beverley Magennis. She began in 1984 with a mosaic border around
the doorway, eleven years later the house was covered inside and out. Most of the
tile was donated from friends, neighbors, and strangers who left buckets of scrap
tile in the driveway.
    The Tile House has over 130,000 pieces of tile covering all 4 exterior walls,
plus the patio, sidewalks, and the entire living quarters inside, which is
embellished with bottle caps, pennies, matchsticks, golf balls and much more.
The Tile House is currently home and studio of Beverley's daughter Erin and her husband Kyle.
Some other mosaic art works by Beverley are her Garden Ladies, which have a
standing height of about 6' tall. The torsos are hand made from a porcelain clay,
the hollow concrete bases are created from a mold, and beautifully decorated
with mosaic patterns. 


More ceramic artworks of Beverley's sprinkled throughout the grounds at the Tile House. 

This Dome Lady stands 26 feet tall, about 19 feet wide. The skirt is made of a concrete foundation, rebar reinforced concrete walls, with mosaic tile on the exterior, and stucco finish on the interior. The torso is constructed of metal lathe with a bondo finish, then painted. The entrance through a door in the skirt leads you to an adorable guest house, equiped with a kitchen with mosaic countertops, dining table, and sleeping quarters. All incompassed under a circular petticoat, with brick floors and a mosaic rug.



"Tree of Life",  This artwork recognizes the imagery of early cultures that influenced
the peoples of Mexico and New Mexico. The black and white figures are animal images
from Native American Mimbres pottery. The colorful figures are images from the
Maya culture. This 22' high mosaic scuplture is located at the crossroads of Fourth Street
and Montano Rd. in the North Valley, Albuquerque, New Mexico.
An Art in Public Places Program, 1999.